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Uganda has a range of beautiful places in the most hidden areas and this archipelago of 84 islands in the northwestern part of her largest lake, Lake Victoria comes among what makes it the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is lucky to have taken the portion of the Ssese islands among the three countries that share Lake Victoria; Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Ssese islands got their name from the Tsetse flies because of it has a lot of them some years back. So when somebody commented about them, the local people started calling the place Ssese. The presence of tsetse flies has been one of the reasons why it was not visited by many.

The Ssese islands are divided into two sections; the Koome group of the islands in the northeastern part and the Bugala group in the southwestern part. Koome group comprises of Koome Island, Damba Island and Luwaji Island while Bugala group has Bufumira Island, Serinya Island, Funye Island, Bugaba Island, Bubeke Island and Buyova Island. The two groups of islands are separated by a channel known as Koome channel.

Even if Uganda is a landlocked country, it has these islands that with amazing beaches that you would think you are next to the ocean. The beaches are characterized with fine sand, palm trees, lovely flowers, trees and plants and spectacular views of the surrounding. The Ssesse Islands are found in Kalangala district. This place was previously known for fishing but is now a popular destination for relaxation, holidays and exploration tours. The population of people on the Ssese Islands is about 65,000. Kalangala was one of the poorest districts in Uganda and also with a high rate of HIV but it is now developing and measures have been taken by the government to reduce the rate of spread of HIV there.

A lot has been known to be done in Uganda including gorilla trekking, wildlife viewing, chimpanzee trekking, mountain climbing and white water rafting among others. Uganda is also has a number of serene and lovely areas for honeymoon, relaxation and chilling and the Ssese islands are one of the top destinations. When booking for your Uganda safari, you can inform us to include a visit to the Ssese islands to have an opportunity to do the following;

Walk in the tropical forest

There is a tropical forest on the island with a variety of animals such as monkeys, sitatungas and lots of birds. You are guided by an experienced guide who will tell a lot about the forest, the island and describe all the birds that you will enjoy the walk in the forest on an island.

Boat ride and spot fishing

You can enjoy a boat ride with an expert on the water, enjoy the experience of a motor boat ride or even paddle on the lake. You can also do the fishing of the Nile perch or tilapia. These are the common fish species in Lake Victoria.

Visit the Island club

The Island club is a serene place for relaxation after a long day of the rest of activities like nature walks, bird watching and boat cruise. It has beautiful gardens for a cool relaxation and you can watch the sunset as you sip one of your favorite drinks.

Visit Kihumuro cave

Kihumuro cave is about thirty to forty meters long. It is situated in Kalaya village on Bugala Island. The cave has an interesting cultural and spiritual history which is well explained by the guides there. Some locals visit Kihumuro cave to seek blessings from the god. To some people, the cave is a traditional church. It has an entrance and an exit. When getting inside, you remove your shoes and get on the floor that is covered with grass. The cave consists of several items which you will be able to see such as calabashes, spears and others. There are a lot of stories to listen to when you visit the cave.

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