Ssese Island Accommodation

brovad sands hotel

Brovad Sands Lodge -Tucked away in the charming island of Bugala in Ssese Islands on lake Victoria is the tropical hideaway of Uganda, a blissful holiday beach resort that is inviting, cozy, relaxing with direct Water access. A beautiful property embraced by a private natural white sand beach and shaded by soaring natural vegetation, trees, Brovad Sands Lodge is a fascinating treasure immersed in history and tradition.

Brovad Sands Lodge Kalangala is known for being probably the best beach getaway on Bugala Island- the largest of the 83 islands in Lake Victoria, that make up Kalangala District. With a variety of rustic, yet tastefully finished and well-appointed rooms and suites —a family villa, a diplomatic suite and a variety of 33 en suite cottages in various configurations, there’s a choice for almost everyone. With other supporting amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, conference rooms and the ever-present breezy and scenic views of Lake Victoria, Brovad Sands Lodge presents travellers to Kalangala a blissful stay.

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